If you’ve ever wondered ” What kind of weirdos would take on such a quest?” Well look no further because we’ll answer that question right here!



cicada     Cicadymn (Pronounced “Sick-A-Dim”) is a combination of Cicada and Hymn. I’ve been using the tag Cicadas Hymn for many years and with the help of the illustrious Suodoz managed to morph it into something even better. There’s a man behind the name however and that’s…still not quite as interesting. I’m 24, live in the great state of Indian Territory, and currently work a full time job that I get to devote most of my time to. In my free time I enjoy playing games and sleeping. That’s right. Just straight up passed out. On an unrelated note I’ve started a workout regimen and have changed to a healthier lifestyle!

For games I enjoy playing FPS, RPG, MMO, and even the occasional RTS. I’ll play just about anything besides racing games. I can be stubbornly opinionated on movies and TV shows but more than anything I like to just chill out and have some fun in my free time. If you ever want to play a game just add me on Steam!


Temporary   Suo (Pronounced “Soo-Oh”)
Suo, Suoman, and Suodoz are all iterations of the same name I made 20 years or so ago. Although it didn’t really start with a meaning, it has come to have many different iterations and meanings over time.