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Apr 17

Are MMOs Broken? Or Am I?

Gaming today is a lot different from what it used to be in the olden days. Most genre’s have evolved with the time, though one may argue that the current form of many genres (FPS Rehash, RPG with no writing or character development, 3rd person adventure where each enemy and level is more forgettable than …

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Apr 12

Game of Disappointment: Season 3 Ep 2

So here are are again for a second week in a row, back for more abuse and disappointment as fans of the books miss out on some powerful scenes while the rest of the viewing world semi-enjoys the series! And with that unnecessarily bitchy first sentence out of the way I have to say I …

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Apr 10

Radical Retro Retron 5

If you’re like me you miss the days when games came in 2D, squashed graphics, small color pallets and even smaller amount of sounds, but were still filled with so much fun and soul that it inspired a generation of young people to grow deeply attached to video games. Back in the days where big …

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