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Apr 05

Game of Disappointment: Season 3 Ep 1

Back during the first season of Game of Thrones I was faced with three choices. To read the books and potentially no longer like the TV series. To watch only the TV series and try to avoid talking or reading about it so I don’t get spoiled. Or to look up all the spoilers and …

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Apr 03

We Are VR: Oculus Rift

When I was young I enjoyed getting to visit arcades every so often. They’d have the usual cabinets, all the classic games, huge consoles to try your hand in everything from sniping with a full sized rifle to punching the bejeezus out of a bag in an attempt to gauge your strength. ┬áBut one time …

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Mar 27

Punishing the Whole Class: DRM

Remember when you were younger, sitting in a classroom, diligently listening or working while a couple kids goofed off. Then suddenly your teacher not being able to take anymore would explode, making the whole class skip recess as a punishment? Remember how unfair it felt as a child to be chastised for something you didn’t …

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