Jul 15

Christmas in July

steamsaleIt’s that magical time of the year again. A time for countless gamers to cry out in joy as their wallets cry out in pain. Steam has returned for another summer sale. If you’ve been living under a bridge and haven’t heard, Steam is an incredible digital distribution system. With millions of registered users, Steam has a rabid fan base that many companies would kill for. The only problem, is that many companies would kill for it, but won’t put in the effort to give their customers what they want and treat them like royalty while doing it.

One such way that they make us all feel like princes rather than paupers is during their yearly summer and winter sales, where Steam manages to pump out hundreds of games from all sorts of developers at 30%-80%+ off! At these kinds of discounts it makes gamers feel even with their meager wallets that they can afford the world. A game developers entire catalog can sell for less than a hundred dollars! In this world of ever increasing prices where games have been at $60 and pushing upwards with every new AAA title that comes out, this sale is a much needed breath of fresh air. The internet has been abuzz wondering when the sale would drop since May!


It started just earlier this week, and runs through July 22nd. Every day at 12 PM CST a new set of nine games goes on sale. For community interaction this season they’ve even started the “Community Choice” Where you get vote on which game out of three you want to see on special. The Community Choice lasts eight hours and often has some of the higher discounts. Don’t want to vote? You don’t have to, but now that Steam has added “Badges”, think steam achievements, the only way to unlock the summer sale badge is to vote! Added this summer as well are “Flash Sales” which are four short specials that last from a couple hours to half a day.


Shut up and take my money!There is one thing you need to be aware of when shopping the Steam Summer Sale, and that’s “don’t get too antsy.” When you first turn on steam and you see all those big numbers you might want to go a little crazy and start buying up everything in sight. But over the course of the sale you might find games you bought at an even cheaper price. For me, the threshold is 75% if a game is that deeply discounted and I want it, I can go ahead and buy it, if it goes on sale further you’re only paying 10% more than you would have. If there’s a game that you want and it’s only around 40% off, give it a few days, chances are you’ll see it go even cheaper. I’ve already saved over $10 by doing this and I’ve only bought a couple things so far!


Most of all what this sale seems to drive is a lot of community interaction. Boards and forums even dedicated to games become stale and stuck in their own doldrums of apathy. But when the sale comes along you’ll find the hearts and minds of the members fired up. Discussions run rampant and unbridled joy and terror of each new days deal floods the internet. It’s a special time of year for gamers, one that we’ve grown to love and look forward to as much as a holiday. Just remember one thing: You can’t take it with you, so you might as well spend it on video games.