May 10

Construction of The Suodymn

Greetings! And welcome to the blog for Suodymn! This is going to be a central repository for the experiences of myself and a friend who are undergoing a journey to complete a variety of projects. I’ll put in an introductory post next and doctor up the about page, but for now let’s stick to something a little more substantial.


“What’s coming in the Future? And why should I hang out?” Well that’s a damn fine question, damn fine, and I’m glad you asked it. This blog is going to be a home for posting our experiences and findings while we navigate our way down the slippery slope of game design. (With maybe a hint of humor here and there.) Since making something fun, creative, and breathtaking is a very long term goal we’re going to use our blog to track our progress, post updates, and just generally post whatever we feel like at the moment.


This is for fun and we should have fun! So stay tuned for all sorts of shenanigans as we try to pick our way onto the internet and into the hearts and minds of our non-existent viewer base.

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    I like this one. I was thinking of including a picture with each blog post anyways.

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