May 11

Identity Crisis

http://www.flickr.com/photos/kimiraikkonen/4127972990/One of the most difficult tasks people are faced with is answering is what appears to be a very simple question. “Who are you?” There’s a lot of very simple and very complex answers to that question. It’s something we don’t think about often yet defines us to our peers and the world around us.

For myself and Suo, this has been a question we’ve skirted for a while and finally found ourselves agonizing over. Who is Cicadymn? What’s a Suodoz? And what the hell would that make a Suodymn! In an age where you’re defined by your look, what can you do to try and stand out a bit? What can you do to rise above the unwashed masses? I know it sounds like I’m posing more questions than I am answers, and that’s because I am. I have a lot of questions, an unending supply of questions, and just enough answers to make it day to day.


So what is Cicadymn? I think I’ve found a pretty good answer to that. I know this is going to sound like a bunch of non-sense, especially for something as plain as a gamer-tag but I don’t care. Cicadymn to me projects memories of an innocent childhood, one filled with warm summer nights, the orange glow of street lights, the ever present buzzing of Cicadas, and a youth waiting excitedly for the next big video game breakthrough. I had never really felt any of my tags before. I’d agonize for hours or days over what to call myself in the next multiplayer game due out and could never find something right. Until I found Cicadas Hymn. And thanks to none other than Suo himself did it transform into the name I’ve been using ever since. Cicadymn.


Well that’s great and all but what about Suodoz? What the hell is that! I don’t know either. I could go on about what Suodoz means to me, and what I think and picture when asked, but that’s just an outsider looking in, the real home of the name, the essence and soul only Suo can answer. Suodymn though, is a new take and direction for both of us. We’ve always talked about what he liked and wanted from the games we’d play, and what we want to see in the future, but that’s all it ever was, talk. Suodymn signifies a break from the normal. It’s going outside our usual realm and dipping our big toes in something new. Suodymn is the beginning of a special new time for us as we spend our free time trying to grow and change into something we hope thousands will one day love. Will we do it? Will Suodymn survive? That all depends on us. Do we have the vision? Do we have the intelligence? Do we have the drive to go on even just one day at a time?


You bet your sweet ass we do.


Stay tuned.