Apr 10

Radical Retro Retron 5

Retron 5If you’re like me you miss the days when games came in 2D, squashed graphics, small color pallets and even smaller amount of sounds, but were still filled with so much fun and soul that it inspired a generation of young people to grow deeply attached to video games. Back in the days where big graphics and even bigger advertising campaigns weren’t the only selling points on games. Back in the days when games relied on challenge and skill to reward the gamer for their accomplishments in games, not achievements, tokens or trophies. If you’re like me you miss those days, but simply don’t have the room or money to drop on all the old consoles to help you relieve the glory days of endless frustration and unrivaled joy as you finally beat a game for the first time. If you’re like me, you’ve been waiting for something like the Hyperkin Retron 5.

Retron 5 systemsAs you can see to the right the Retron 5 will come complete with enough cartridge slots to satisfy even the biggest retro gamer. But more importantly, for me, it’ll give me a sleek single system to plug in a soon to be growing collecting of classic games. But besides support for nine old school systems, the device will come with ports for SNES, NES, and Genesis controllers; if you prefer them over the wireless Bluetooth controller that the system syncs with. With a few extra controllers you can even enjoy multiplayer games without having to use a multitap. The Retron 5 will include the ability to save at any time during a game, it’s got 720p up scaling so playing it on a nice big screen won’t be as painful as in the past.

According to this Engadget article, it’s looking like Hyperkin is trying to shoot for a July release with a price tag at less than a hundred dollars. A system like this sounds almost too good to be true. And with the constant copyright and intellectual property battles going on I’m sure that this device might be quite the target for a few companies. But I hope that I’ll be able to grab one before it’s too late when the time comes. Because I can’t see my mancave being complete without one! So besides myself I’m sure more than one collector will be giving it a try to experience an old school game on a nice modern HD setup.

Emulation screenshotBut talking old school games wouldn’t be complete without mention the popular culture of emulation. Emulation has grown over the years to a powerful and popular way to try out old games. By using ripped ROMs of old games, players can try playing them on their computer instead of needing to own the console, or even the game itself. As you can imagine while it’s popular among gamers, it’s not so much to the video games industry. Though often, fighting over such old video games that aren’t officially sold anywhere just isn’t worth it financially to the giants. So we end up with a lot of different emulation providers. Maximus Arcade is a cool take on it that is designed to be turned into an old school arcade cabinet. VirtualNES takes on trying to emulate legally so players can enjoy their games with a clean conscience. With a cursory Google you’re sure to find more than one resource to fill any need, much like The Emulator Zone that can quickly guide you on a foray into the wonderful world of emulation.

So if you haven’t been able to tell, I’m a little excited for the upcoming future. With things like the Oculus Rift and the Retron 5 coming at us from down the road it’s a fun time to be a gamer. I’ve personally been hoping for something just like this so that I can buy some old games that I missed out on as a child to give a play through. Combine it with the sleek look they’re shooting for and the easy availability of many retro games at local resellers I’m sure that before long many people will get to enjoy a true blast from the past. And if you’re like me, you’ll be enjoying trying out your childhood again while trying out on the fun you missed as well.