May 14

Reality Check

Punch to the faceOne thing that can be difficult to remember when starting a project is the reality of the situation.  Your mind is filled with dreams of grandeur and all the possibilities splayed out before you. You feel a rush as every step you take brings you closer to something you’ve wanted for so long until you feel like you’re almost upon it.

It’s times like this that you need to take a step back, take a deep breath, and really assess where you are and what you’ve come to do. Because if you’re not careful life, your dreams, and the reality of the situation can lean in and give you a great big punch to the face. While I don’t know what the first step in avoiding a reality check to the face, I’m going to assume it’s “take a step back and see where you are.” Getting wrapped up in big dreams, while fun, is something that can ultimately break your spirit down the road. This isn’t a quick sprint. This is a long endurance triathlon and there’s no prize for just giving it your best shot.


But just looking at the bad is a sure fire way of getting knocked on your ass as well. You need to take the good with the bad. Once you’ve seen where you are, and accepted the reality of the situation you’ll be much more inclined to take it slow and steady and ready for the race. Recently I encountered a reality check of both the good and the bad variety. I’m thankful for both, one to keep my spirits up and ready, and the other to keep my head out of the clouds and accept just how difficult it’s going to be.


For the “bad”, for lack of a better word. These videos seem to be made to discourage people who aren’t committed to the idea. If you have any spare time and you’re curious about it I highly recommend you watch the “Getting Started” videos from the good crew over at GyroVorbis. There’s no padding, there’s no babying of dreams or big promises of success and popularity. There is the cold hard truth, that this is probably going to be one of the most difficult things you’re going to set out to do, and if you’re not totally committed, then it will fail. While it may sound discouraging, it’s just the kick in the pants I needed to keep the big thoughts and dreams down to earth and ready to understand how much work it will take to make it a reality.


For the “good”, I enjoyed a read over at Paul Graham‘s website. “Why to Not Not Start a Startup” was not only an interesting read, but also addressed several points where I was particularly reluctant. It was inspirational and encouraging. It kept me feeling good but never tried to lift me off the ground or run away with my expectations. I HIGHLY suggest you give it a read if you’re considering starting a project that could eventually lead to some cash flow. More than that his website is chock full of different essays and tons of information and is worth checking out for that alone.


Another cool point I’ll mention is as we were trying to find a new background for our website, don’t get me wrong I like it, we just want to move away from a theme’s default. I sent a message to the illustrious Bill Amend of Foxtrot fame. You know, the classic geek cartoon strip that we all grew up reading? For me it was kind of like sending a movie star an email. Well, I asked him about his background as I have always loved and been impressed by it. Sure enough, just a couple hours later I got a very encouraging reply! So here in the near future as we look to make improvements on our site you can bet on a background change. And just in case he ever ends up reading this, Thanks Bill! (I hope he doesn’t mind me calling him Bill.)


So with our feet firmly planted, and a goal in our hearts, we’ve got an interesting future in store. Check back soon for more! Don’t be shy, feel free to drop any of your personal “Reality Check” situations in the comments below.

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