May 11

Sweet Sweet New Features

Granted it’s not really new in an exciting or amazing way, but I’m thrilled none the less! Commenting is now up and running. Powered by the ever popular DISQUS! I was impressed with how easily it all came together. I’ve used DISQUS on numerous websites and have always liked it, plus the fact that you can log in with a variety of accounts.

We’re still testing it out for a few days trying to decide between this and the Facebook commenting system (if we can get it to cooperate). I’d be happy to hear suggestions from anybody out there! We’re always looking to make improvements. So now that you can comment. I encourage you to do so! Stay tuned because we’ll be fighting our way through numerous other thoughts, ideas, and improvements as well.


I know the irony of writing this at a viewer base that doesn’t exist. But I don’t care! You go internet!